Jhene Aiko – Unreleased

Known to drop unreleased music from your favorite singers, DJ Jeff Duran has now tackled a few hidden gems from Jhene Aiko's catalog.

The set features songs you’ve heard before (“Bed Peace”, “Keep Ya Head Up” from Rap-Up Sessions’ acoustic set), along with other previously released “Comfort Inn Ending,” “2 Seconds,” “Burning Man,” and the tribute song “For My Brother,” a tune dedicated to Aiko’s brother who passed away from brain cancer in 2012.

But also in the unreleased set are some suggesting they would have been recorded in Aiko's teen years (circa early 2000s) when she was signed to Epic and being marketed as B2K’s Lil Fizz’s cousin. The sound is that of the classic 90s R&B, with Aiko’s angelic voice belting out soulful emotion such as on “Won’t Play That Game” and “Let You Go.” The slinky tunes “Feel Like A Man” and “Wait No More” feature lush harmonies and sexy lyrics.

Add this to your Jhene Aiko collection: