Noel Gourdin – One Gift

On February 18, 2014, Noel Gourdin will make his Shanachie Entertainment/Top Notch Music debut with the album, “City Heart, Southern Soul.” But never one to leave his fans empty handed, Gourdin has a special offering for his fans this holiday season with “One Gift,” a special free mixtape that’s five tracks deep of soulful tunes.

Not Christmas-themed exclusively, “One Gift” is a morsel of the homegrown sounds Gourdin is known for, with the title track providing the only mention of the holidays, gift-wrapped in his sweet-talkin' lyrics: “If I could have just one gift, it would be you, baby,” he sings.

You can now rip open and download Noel’s soulfully-wrapped present “One Gift” above. Check it below!