Marie Dahlstrom – Gloom

UK singer-songwriter Marie Dahlstrom offers her EP “Gloom,” and it’s all the title suggests a melancholy, yet soulful and jazzy set which focuses on relationships and life something to put on those days when you’re all in your feelings. Offered here, though, is just 8 of the set’s 11 tracks (sans “Is It All,” "One Truth," and “Reunion Interlude”).

The Scandinavian songstress’ soulful, moody voice sings reflective lyrics that reflect what we’ve all thought in those introspective moments. “My Everything” is beautiful in its message of mesmerizing loss, while “Floating” glides on emotion and harmonies, much like it’s title, and one of the duets “I.O.T” feat. Jamal is an impassioned back-and-forth exchange over a pending status of a relationship. “Reunion” picks up the pace in jubilance of a chance meeting of a past love as Kimba drops a verse.

Dahlstrom will accompany Grammy-nominated singer Eric Roberson on his UK tour on Feb 2. “Gloom” follows up her “Renditions” EP and the 2011’s “Feelings.” Check it out below and download the full version above (only available in the British pound).