Are TLC’s Problems with Pebbles Creating Issues at Epic Records?

TLC's film "Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story" was supposed to herald their comeback and a new era of music. But ever since the movie premiered on VH1 last month, scandal rumors have been hammering their legacy. First, Pebbles (and her daughter Ashley Reid) came out publically to denounce her depiction in the film, citing she was portrayed as a money-hungry business woman who cheated the group out of millions of dollars. Then the rumors came about Chilli having an affair with Pebbles’ then-husband, record exec L.A. Reid.

Now TLC’s Twitter fanpage account is reporting the group has been dropped from their label Epic with this tweet ":NEWS: – TLC have been dropped from Epic Records." When a fan responded by asking "why?" … they simply responded, "Pebbles…"

Chilli later tweeted, "Until We Release An Official Statement, Don't Assume The "TALK" Is Real". (Regarding Epic Records Drop).” A few hours later, the page posted a TwitPic of the ladies rehearsing for the American Music Awards.

It seems to have been a rumor someone wanted to start, but with this never-ending saga, you never know!