Ariana Grande Slams Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber Critics: “Shut Up” (Video)

Ariana Grande is fans of both Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, and she doesn't appreciate the negative comments from “people and society” regarding the two pop superstars.

The newcomer, whose debut album, Yours Truly, topped the Billboard 200 chart, says, “I'm not gonna not live my life in fear of what people are gonna say,” and she blasted these naysayers, especially over the way they’ve been treating Cyrus and Bieber as of late.

Defending Cyrus, Grande says, “She's an adult; she could do whatever the hell she wants… She's having so much fun. If her choices aren't for you, don't look at it. Move on, talk about something else, worry about bettering your life, not hers, she's fine, her life is the best that it could be right now."

She adds: "That's what bothers me about people and about society…its like shut up…shut up."

Grande also got serious about her friend Bieber insisting, "He could do whatever he wants, he's doing the same thing as every other boy in the world right now, he's just under a microscope and he's being scrutinized by people who don't know him. I know him, and he's a good person…he doesn't deserve what he's going through.


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