Pebbles Addresses TLC Biopic With Wendy Williams, Accuses Chilli of Having Affair with LA Reid

The drama continues…

As previously reported, Perri “Pebbles” Reid (the manager who put together the successful R&B/pop group TLC and who’s blamed with cheating them out of millions of dollars) recently issued a statement regarding the portrayal of herself on this year’s most popular TV film, VH1's "Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story." Yesterday (Nov. 13), she sat down with Wendy Williams to set the record straight about her side of the story, and boy, did she drop some bombs!

She said due to confidentiality agreements, she couldn’t speak on the accusations in the past, and still can’t say too much now, but said “hell no!” when Wendy asked if she stole millions of dollars from the multi-platinum group. She claims that surviving members T-Boz and Chili “took their lies to another level” with the movie, it was imperative that she come forth and speak.

Other things Reid addressed were that the group members T-Boz and Left-Eye actually temporarily kicked Chilli out the group for breaking a “group rule” that dealt with mixing business with pleasure, in this case, how Chilli fell for producer Dallas Austin. Perri also revealed that VH1 recently sent her a letter claiming the movie was all of a sudden not based on a true story, as to avoid a potential lawsuit, which Perry says, is still an option on the table.

Then the big scandal: Wendy asked the question “Do you believe Chilli was sleeping with LA Reid, your husband, behind your back?” “Absolutely,” Reid replied as the audience gasped. She then goes on to mention an upcoming book which will go into more detail. Reid's daughter Ashley, who made threatening comments on her internet radio show and on Twitter, was also in the audience.

Watch the full, juicy, interview below…