Nas Talks New Albun, 20th Anniversary of “Illmatic,” Congac, More

In a recent sit down with The Huffington Post, Nas spoke about the focus of his upcoming album, how he became involved with Hennessy's "Wild Rabbit" campaign, and working with other music greats like Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake among other things.

While talking about his partnership with Hennessy for the "Wild Rabbit" campaign, the Queen's lyricist stated that he didn't know what cognac was composed of. "And it comes from grapes, I had no idea. I never thought about where cognac came from. I assumed just sparkling wine and red wine, all of that was grapes. I never took the time to think, wow, this thing comes from grapes too."

Following this was a question concerning the 20th anniversary of "Illmatic," apparently there is a concert in the works and there may be a special re-release.

The next topic involved the focus of Nas' upcoming album for which he revealed that this album is meant to challenge him as a writer.

Other highlights of interview include Nas explaining the lyricism behind "Sanatra In The Sands," featuring Jay Z and Justin Timberlake, working with Mariah Carey, and his fashion line HSTRY.

Watch the full interview here