Guess How Jennifer Hudson Prepared For Her Role as a Heroin Addict in New Film!

Grammy and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is the epitome of a good girl. The squeaky clean star plays a strung-out heroin addict in new film The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister and Pete, but this role took some studying because she asserts that she has never even tasted alcohol.

To get into the mindset of her character, Hudson visited recovering drug addicts in rehab to draw from their experiences and make it her own. "I met with several different ladies and they would tell me their stories… The stories I heard were, like, unbelievable," states Hudson.

She adds: "(One woman) told me that one time she was going for her high and she had her baby in a book bag. She told me it was like an orgasm and I was like, 'I can do that part!'"

Who knew J-Hud was a freak!

The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister and Pete is in select theaters now.

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