Trey Songz Talks Doing a Female Dirty, Plus Getting His Heart Broken

"My character is a little slimy," says Trey Songz about the role he plays in the new film 'Baggage Claim,' but as they say in Hollywood, it's only an act. In his real life Songz says, "I'm pretty straight up, I don't lie about nothing in a relationship," but the R&B hitmaker isn't perfect, after all, he is Mr. Steal Your Girl.

Songz says he has broken a few hearts, and he gives one example during a recent interview with the Ricky Smiley Morning Show. "I was suppose to spend some time with this one girl [but] she got real busy," he says. "She was willing to put work to the side for me, but I didn't want to mess her money up, so I was like 'nah baby go ahead and handle that.' I actually flew another girl to see me, and she found out."

The "Never Again" singer has also had his fair share of heartbreaks. "I can't write all these songs out of nowhere. The first girl I ever loved in high school, she cheated on me, I think that tainted me for a very long time," he says.

Songz's 'Baggage Claim' is in theaters now!

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