Invasion Of The 5S & 5C

Anytime Apple releases a new gizmo or gadget, the world goes into a state of anticipation and excitement. So it's no surprise that the release of the iPhone 5s and 5c had every iPhone user ready to upgrade, trade in, or just simply buy the new addition to the iPhone series. Within a 6 year span, Apple has pride themselves in being innovative and changing the way we communicate with each other; making each phone better and better. Almost every phone offers email, music, picture, videos, etc, but there is something special about the Apple brand that people seem to rely on. With so many phones on the market, the iPhone has to be the most popular and trusted. So why is the 5s and 5c so special? Well, here are five reasons why the new 5s’ have the world ringing.

Like we said before, Apple is the known for their innovation and creative ways. They have certainly reached a pinnacle with this one. The iPhone 5s is now equipped with Touch ID. Touch ID is a finger print scanning system; the only phone in the US to have such a feature. So, now instead of plugging in those measly 4 digit password (still and option), your phone is unlocked with the touch of your and only your fingerprint on the home button. With the initial set up of the 5s, the phone processes and stores your finger tips, registering it into the phone’s memory. Sold already!

You no longer have the simple choice of choosing between black and white. The 5s now comes in Gold, Silver, and Space Gray. The 5c is in a whole other rainbow spectrum with its colors being pink, yellow, green, and blue. This might not matter to some because of the interest in phone covers and cases, but there are a few that like to leave your phone just the way it is and have it speak for itself. There is a color to match every personality whether you are sleek and serious or fun and bold.

Apple has upped their game when it comes to their picture and video features. The iSight camera has some advance features which includes photo filters, paranormal shots, slow motion video and live video zoom, among other fascinating upgrades. If you thought that was dope, how about FaceTiming in HD? Yes, High-Definition. The FaceTime camera has larger pixels making it easier to video chat with whomever you want.

Don’t feel like paying for iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, or Keynote, but you really want it. Well, the 5s has a solution to that. Programs such as iMovie, Numbers, and iBook are free to 5c owners. These applications individually cost between $4.99-$9.99, so for those users who need these apps for work , or simply for leisure have to spend close to $50. The 5s takes a financial load off their users shoulders and supplied them with the chance to feel free to complete whatever task is at hand.

In today’s day and age, we as a society love instant gratification. We want instant answers, fast actions, reactions, and fast internet connections. The 5s has a new wireless system called LTE. The phone is equipped with 13 LTE bands that provides faster downloads and uploads. That means you can upload pictures to Instragram faster, no longer have to wait for Vine videos to load, or have to wait for to load on Safari. Again, being the only smartphone equipped with this number of LTE bands, the theme of innovation appears again, setting Apple apart from their competition (if there is any at all).

When are you getting your new 5s/5c?


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