6 06, 2018

Kim Kardashian ‘Cried’ After Hearing Kanye West’s ‘Wouldn’t Leave’ Song Following Slavery Was a ‘Choice’

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Kim Kardashian “cried” after hearing her husband Kanye West’s song "Wouldn’t Leave," in which he opens up about the row they had following his slavery was a "choice" comment. On the track, taken from West's new album 'YE,' he raps about her reaction to his recent controversial remarks that slavery was a "choice" for African Americans. "My wife callin’, screamin’, say, [More]

13 12, 2016

Kim Kardashian Returns in Sexy Lingerie For Advent Calendar

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Kim Kardashian returns to the spotlight for Day 12 of Love magazine’s annual Advent calendar. The publication dropped a two-minute visual featuring the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star, 36, on Monday, December 12. In the space-themed clip by James Lima, Kim strips down to her lingerie, serving fantasy and beauty while wrapped in a brown fur coat. "Kim Kardashian [More]

22 01, 2013

10 Reality TV Stars Who Attempted to Launch Singing Careers

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A music star’s lifestyle seems glamorous, plus, music is universal, so it’s understandable that reality TV stars (who are usually non-musical) would be inspired to try their hand at singing.

24 08, 2012

3 Reasons Hos/Bad Girls are Winning…or Not!

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It can be argued if these hos are winning. Whores or hos have been doing their thing since the beginning of time. Jezebel was holding it down in the Bible and she probably would be on a dope reality show if she were around now.

25 08, 2008

Update: Toni Braxton, Kim Kardashian Confirmed For ‘Dancing With The Stars’

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Toni Braxton, Kim Kardashian, Susan Lucci and Warren Sapp will hit the floor on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" according ...

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