K. Michelle On Tamar Braxton: ‘Very Depressing To Be A 40 Year Old Muppet’

Is Tamar Braxton nothing but a depressed 40-year-old muppet trying to get ahead in music? According to "Rebellious Soul" singer K. Michelle, that must be what life is like for the "Tamar & Vince" and "Love & War" star.

"I don’t have no problem, but I guess it’s very depressing to be a 40-year-old muppet still trying to shake and make it," K. Michelle shared with Philly's "The Rise & Grind" morning show recently. "I wasn’t doing anything, I was working. I have actually even said good things, I like “Love and War.” I like the record. I’ve been saying really positive things about this woman, and she just can not take it. She can not take all of me…. You can't necessarily be the headliner when you're lip-synching the whole show."

As reported last week, K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton shared some words over Twitter, with Tamar making a comment about losing her wig.

Watch a clip from K. Michelle's Rise & Grind interview in video below.