Ro James Drops “JACK” EP; Titles Track After Luke James

A new talent to keep an eye on is Ro James. The New York City transplant released the second installment of "Coke, Jack & Cadillacs" entitled "Jack." The 4-track EP features subtle instrumentals and relatable topics.

The first track titled "Luke James" follows Ro on a monologue about fellow singer Luke James where he describes the artist as he embarks on the stage each time and what motivates him to.

The following track features the "I Love College" rapper Asher Roth. "Lisa" is a song where James tells a story about being disgruntled over dating other girls after breaking up with someone. In it, he compares an unnamed girl to a girl named Lisa he met in bar. Apparently, Lisa didn't even compare to the girl he was dating prior. Ro takes a nab at Lisa's cooking by singing, "she don't make me shit like you do."

The third track leads listeners into the tale of what seems to be a late night tryst titled "We On."

The last track on the EP transitions from the topic of one night stands to heartbreaks. In "Indiana Jones", Ro describes how he gave a girl his all just to be wronged in the end. When he describes the girl needing him back after everything Ro sings, "You're crawling back to you're habit so you could mess with my mind, now you're calling your hero but I ain't wasting my time." The title is quite fitting.

Although the wait for "Jack" is over, don't forget that "Cadillacs", the third installment, arrives on September 15th. And if you're a New Yorker and those four tracks made you want to see Ro James in person, you're in luck; Ro James will be performing at the Apple Store in Soho on Wednesday (August 21st) as part of the "Meet The Musician" series.