Keyshia Cole’s Husband, Daniel Gibson Confirms Fight Was Over Keyshia

Athlete Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, Keyshia Cole's husband, says his recent arrest is due to the fact that he was defending his wife's honor.

Releasing a statement Tuesday, shortly after news broke that he had turned himself in at a New Orleans police facility, on charges of second degree battery, Gibson said the incident began when a man made some very "disrespectful" comments about Keyshia.

While he didn't elaborate further on what was said, he claimed that their "safety was threatened" and he "needed to take action."

Confident about his case, Daniel Gibson believes that all charges will be dropped once all evidence is reviewed.

"It's unfortunate that some see opportunity in taking advantage of people who work hard for what they have achieved,” he shared. "Once all the facts of the incident come out, I expect to be fully vindicated."