Ginuwine Blames Energy Drink For ‘High’ Performance, Plus Tyrese and Tank Weigh In

Was Ginuwine high during his performance, with Tyrese and Tank, on "The Couch" morning show? According to Ginuwine, something was wrong, as many a viewer saw, but it wasn't because of an illegal substance.

"I popped something, but it wasn't no damn Molly. I popped a damn Five Hour Energy Drink and I didn't think it would do that to me," Ginuwine tells Street Heat TV in video below.

Weighing in, Tyrese explained why he was visibly mad, glaring at Ginuwine, who was twitching and uneasy during the performance.

"That was five hour extra strength! That thing right there dried your eyes out. I was mad because I seen what was happening. I had my sh*t together," Tyrese laughed.

Watch all three talk about the performance in video below. In case you missed the performance on "The Couch," watch it below…