Netta Brielle – Will You Go With Me?

Taking many folks back to the time they had to reply to that socially-binding contract of a note during math class, Bay Area Atlantic recording artist Netta Brielle offers her 90s-inspired mixtape, Will You Go With Me? "My whole [upcoming] album and my mixtape is in that whole 90s space," states Netta. "It's fresh, It's new, It's young, It's 2013, but It has that 90s inspiration that I feel like we're missing in a lot of R&B music now."

Brielle take the 90s’s jams and slightly twists them into something distinctly “Netta” and modern, all the while keeping the original vibes in the remakes of Jade’s “Don’t Walk Away,” Mint Condition’s “Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes),” and a semi-acapella version SWV’s “Rain” ft. Coko.

So dust off your Cross Colours gear, have a listen, and download above!