Is Mac Miller Ready To Be Named Amongst The “Big Boys”

Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller is doing it his way and it is getting to the point where it is undeniable after selling a little over 100K the first week with his sophomore album, "Watching Movies With The Sound Off". Is Mac Miller here to stay? Elliott Wilson and Mac Miller's Q link up to discuss what spot Mac will take as a member of the Hip Hop game.

"Mac got to make the album that he wanted to make. That is what is different from every other guy in that race. No one was behind the scenes writing and he produced half the songs. he is doing the art direction. his dad is on the album cover. It is not about competing with these people, it is more about standing your ground so the rest of the Hip Hop world can say he held his ground on the day (June 18th). Mac is starting to make his own soundscape because he is doing his own production. Mac is getting to the point where he really believes in what he does and he is focused on that. He performs with a band now. he is on some Prince meets Busta Rhymes – is what his show in 2013 is. Whoever didn't buy the album or are on the fence. Your going to fall the fuck off the fence, dust yourself off and go get the album. " – Q

It seems Mac Miller and his team have their sights set on claiming their spot in Hip Hop history. We will just have to see how it will pan out.