Yummy Bingham Talks Living, Learning, and Starting Over… Second Chance

Former MoTown singer-songwriter Yummy Bingham has a unique voice that seems to carry her emotions and feelings. She is passionate about her craft and wants the world to know. Sometimes when things don't work the first time around, people usully get discouraged, but it seems that Yummy is using every lesson as a blessing. We had the chance to quickly chat with her at her new studio in Rhode Island as she gets ready to give the world Yummy music again.

Second time around … I'm planning to spread my wings a little more with my music and I will also be doing more videos. I am going to connect with my fans more on stage. I'm going to be more involved with education by doing school tours. I have always been an advocate of educating yourself and learning.

The Music Game … I learned a lot from being in the music game and my first record deal. I pretty much learned your passion is a personal thing. It is a personal thing so you have to maintain a good balance between being passionate and being professional because people don't really care about your passion … it is a business.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work … I realized that you need a solid team that can help you stay consistent. Sometimes, life can get crazy and you need that team to keep you on track. I can get comsumed and it can take over from what I need to get done as an artist. You definitely need people to get you focused.

Home Away From Home … I'm enjoying Rhode Island for the sake that it is calmer. New York City was too fast pace … I needed a break.

Chaka Khan … Yes, Chaka Khan is my god mother. lol We haven't spoken in a good amount of time. However, when we did speak she was very interested in knowing how I was doing as a mother. She didn't want me to think my career was over because I had a child. My daughter is five and just graduated from kindergarten.

Parenthood … The beauty in being a parent is watching your child develop into their own. I love being her first teacher at everything. I like how she makes the things she learns from me her own. It's an amazing feeling watching a child growing up healthy and strong mentally, physically and emotionally… having that oneness.

Mommie Model Life … I was actually getting pushed to be a paternaty model. I decided not to. When they get you they always encourage you to get pregnant. lol

Creative Process … It's different format at times. I will have a song in my head and when I come to the studio I can apply it to something Nyce (producer) made. The beauty with working with Nyce is he doesn't mind coming up with something from scratch. My concepts come from life or come from things I've experienced and things I want to experience.

Being Real … I want to be the poster child of authenticity. As an artist, I want everything that I am to be real to who I am. There are no gimmicks here. I want to be attractive and be real. I want to be a model for art and being true to who I am.

Setbacks … I wish I could do the promotional tour over again that we did for a week with MoTown. I went out there to my fans and hyped them all up. They were expecting a show but that never happened. Sometimes, things don't work out. I just wish I could have done that over again because they wanted more.

Everything comes full circle and with the expereince and talent that Yummy Bingham possesses, it is just a matter of time before she is giving her fans what she has to offer. Stay on the look out for her as she readies her new project and makes some power moves.

In the meantime, listen to her latest offering "Cuffin'"