Ne-Yo Ends Engagement, Splits With Monyetta Via Social Media?

It appears to be official. Award winning singer/songwriter Ne-Yo's engagement/romantic relationship with Monyetta Shaw is over.

Ne-Yo broke the news via Instagram over the weekend, sharing a few words with a picture of the two of them together.

"The fate has decided to split our romantic paths. Know that I will always love you. Forever your partner. Forever your friend. Forever my miracle," Ne-Yo wrote. "I will always be there. Always."

It's unclear what led to the break up with Monyetta, who is the mother of both of Ne-Yo's children.

As widely reported, there was some confusion over whether Ne-Yo actually proposed in 2011, when it was announced that the couple was expecting their second child.

"Ok twit fam. To put all rumors to rest. Not engaged but am expecting second child. Mo has no rep. The person claiming to rep her lied," Ne-Yo said via Twitter in September of 2011.

In related news, Monyetta posted an update on her Instagram page late Monday, sharing a picture of her two children with Ne-Yo. She used "things that matter" in the post, but didn't mention the break up.

"Home sweet home!!! MY JOY!!!! The world didn't give it and the world CAN'T take it away!!!!! MyM's! My strength! #blessed #grateful #thingsthatmatter #familyfirst #mycuprunnethover #madilyngrace #masonevan #mommymo."