Tupac to Finally Receive Star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame

It’s been 17 years since his passing, but one of hip-hop’s most beloved figures is finally getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Committee chairman David Green announced Tupac Shakur will be among 22 honorees to receive their stars at the 2014 ceremony. Having sold over 75 million albums worldwide and leaving a legacy that inspires newer rappers and fans alike, it’s about time!

Other stars to be inducted in 2014 are Tavis Smiley, Katy Perry, Matthew McConaughey, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Rick Springfield, Cheryl Hines and Sally Field. This week, Jennifer Lopez was the 2,500 celeb to get her name plastered on Hollywood Blvd.

The fallen rapper is only the 4th rapper to get a star.