Love Is In The Air: Elle Varner and NBA Player Iman Shumpert

Can she get a reeefiiill?

Looks like R&B singer Elle Varner and New York Knicks point guard Iman Shumpert are the new “it” couple!

Since the start of their friendship over a year ago, their social media accounts have been blowing up with posts about each other. Iman posted a drawing of a couple (who looks like them) kissing with the caption “In a nutshelle,” an extra “e” at the end signifying Elle’s name.

The two even vacationed in Aruba recently: Elle posted a photo of her hand and a mystery man’s hand in the sand. Iman also uploaded a clip to his vine account of a woman who looks like it could be Elle rising from the water with the caption “Found me a mermaid…and brought her to #Aruba.”

Aaaaawwww! Cute couple!