Atozzio – The Imprint II : Evolution

Sony singer-songwriter Atozzio captures the essence and emotion from the male perspective with is latest LP “The Imprint II: Evolution,” the follow up to his 2011 debut “The Imprint.” The Miami native conjured up a nice set of songs, which follows the thought process of a man in love, lust, and break ups with brutal honesty.

So honest, that on cuts like “My Father’s Son” Atozzio fesses up to cheating, blaming it on his family genetics, then on the Y chromosome on “Being a Man.” On “God Said So,” Atozzio questions his ability to stay in a long-term relationship: “I wanna be with you / but I don’t think God said so,” he says on carefree, breezy track. “T.B.A.” showcases his amazing vocal range with heavy, soothing synths and impressive runs as he ponders the survival of a relationship due to unwelcome chatter from his woman’s friends. “My Supply” compares a night of ecstasy to a stash of narcotics, and “To the Grave” promises to keep a not-so-platonic friendship under wraps.

Check it out: