Rihanna Scraps Plans For Break, Enlists Jerkins For New Album?

Has Rihanna abandoned plans to take a break after "Unapologetic"? It appears so as hit-making producer/songwriter Rodney Jerkins is working on new music for the recent Billboard Music Award winner.

Jerkins broke the news via The Source earlier this week, confirming that a few songs have already been written and submitted.

"I am working with Mariah, I am working with Jennifer Lopez. I just finished a couple songs with Jessie J over in London and I also wrote a couple of songs that are being considered for Rihanna’s new album, so there’s a lot of good stuff happening so we’ll see," Jerkins told The Source.

As widely reported earlier this year, sources claimed that Rihanna was lined up for a possible year-long break after "Unapologetic."

"She's been in this go mode for a while. Seven hit records in seven years. Sold out tours, but sources say after this tour wraps, she plans to take up to a year off to unwind," Ryan Seacrest reported on-air via his morning show earlier this year.

All of that said, after landing her first no.1 album, despite releasing seven albums every year (back to back), perhaps Rihanna decided not to rock the boat by taking a break. Maybe she's hoping for another no.1 and another strong run following "Diamonds."

Should Rihanna take a break?