Kelly Rowland’s Ex On ‘Dirty Laundry’: ‘Wasn’t Me’

With Kelly Rowland getting real on her new single "Dirty Laundry" (touching on suppressed feelings of jealousy and, even more surprisingly, a violent domestic situation she endured), speculation swirled about the identity of the man who laid abusive hands on the singer, who usually keeps her dating life private.

However, Rowland went public in 2006 while in a relationship with then-fiancé and pro football player Roy Williams, the only relationship Rowland is publically known to have been in, leaving fans to wonder if the abuse Rowland sings of was from him.

Getting wind of this, Williams took to Twitter to nip any rumors in the bud. “So Kelly has a new song. Called #DirtyLaundry..& whatever she’s saying in it ppl think it’s me. #wow #imnottheonlypersonshedated #wasntme,” he tweeted.

While it's best to avoid naming names to avoid an even bigger controversy, the jig is still up, leaving fans to wonder…