Dre Harmony – The Commencement

Dre Harmony drops his debut six-track EP "The Commencement," just enough material for a fitting introduction to the 22-year-old crooner's sound, which is if Trey Songz and R. Kelly had a musical baby. Hailing from the 816, Harmony cites those two as inspirations, but wants perk ears to his own singer-songwriter artistry: “If yall going to listen to me, it has to be me in the music, my music,” Dre told The Domino Effect of what inspires him.

All produced by Boy GeneYus, The Commencement is a healthy dose of sexy slow jams and grooves. “Lay,” “Lingerie,” “Slow Grind” all gear towards the heat of the moment while “Word Called Love” gets vulnerable when questioning the complexities of love. “One Night” meets you on the dance floor for a two-step while Dre asks for just one night to make an impression.

Witness Dre's debut with his EP "The Commencement":