5 Reasons Tamar & Vince Make A Sexy Couple

We put so much emphasis on beauty and the visual. Many people focus on the things that always look good, but what happened to things that feel good? People think everything should be easy but in many cases anything worth having takes effort. That is just the God's honest truth! Love and success are somethings that takes time and patience. Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert, as a couple, exemplify hard work and dedication to their craft as well as their relationship. They seem to have something special that goes beyond the physical. Even in Tamar's "Love & War" lyrics, you see this determination. Now, they have a baby on the way and an album ready for release. Two of the most important things in their lives. We have the pleasure of watching them deal with the pressure and cheer them on. Here are five reasons why Tamar and Vince are one of the sexy, strong couples on reality television.



Chemistry is important when in a relationship. Vince and Tamar seem to complement each other. They flow well and it just makes sense when they are around one another.

Do you feel they have that chemistry?

Today, seeing successful couples is very important. People need to see couples going through the ups and downs. They need to know that love is not a feeling but a choice… a decision you make to be with someone through the thick and thin. Vince and Tamar for now seem to understand that it is all about Love & War.

Family First

Family First

“My sisters are making me feel more maternal because they’re crazy. They’re giving me advice on how to be a mother and be pregnant. They always have a comment about my shoes, what am I wearing, what am I eating, you need to put your feet up and I’m just like, ‘I’m fine!’ They’re too much,” Tamar told

Family is always first but what happens when you are sharing your life with your life long partner? Vince seems to find his place amongst the Braxton sisters, but regardless there are still times that they want their sisterly time. The Braxtons fight, but they always make up and work it out. Vince seems to have found his humble position in their equation.

“I want to have my baby with me, but I don’t want to be at home. We don’t have to be at home,” Tamar said, adding that she knows exactly which one of her sisters she’d call on to babysit. “Towanda, she’s the most responsible.” –

Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs

Vince and Tamar obviously argue. We can watch them argue on television or the internet … that is the beauty of reality television. Them have their problems from day to day, it’s not a big secret. However, it is the way they are able to overcome those disagreements that counts. Forgiving and moving on or agreeing to disagree are important tools to have when married or in a relationship.

Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

Physically they may seem like total opposites, and that may very well be true. He might be more of the “soft-spoken” one and Tamar might speak her mind a little bit more, but they seem to want and value the same things. Family and music seem to be two things they hold dear, and it seems like the glue which keeps them together. So maybe they are more alike than what it appears at first glance.

Business - Hustle

Business – Hustle

“Vincent and I are crazy workaholics,’ she said. “We balance that with our relationship. I think that’s something that we’re blessed to be able to do.” –

Vincent aka Vince has the ability to harness Tamar when it comes to the music. Their zeal and desire to be number one help them fuel their love for eachother. It is very important to share hobbies and the same passion with your partner. Sometimes you may have passionate disagreements but all in all you just want to be successful. This helps them work on their team work and communication. As they become parents they will be using these same tools to properly raise their child. For Tamar, to see their drive to work hard as a passion that balances their relationship as a blessing, is amazing. It will only give them a strong foundation to work off of.

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