B. Smyth Talks Getting Girls, Cougars, Growing Up, Life Without Music, and Fame

This young cat is real and he hails from Ft. Lauderdale. B Smyth represents where he is from and does not apologize for it. He is not your typical singer rocking a shiny jacket. We had the opportunity to rock out with B Smyth while he was at the label working and doing his promo duties.

Be An Inspiration … First thing I want to do as an artist is to inspire people to try everyday to be great at whatever they are good at. I am a believer in dreams. I am a believer in taking a bull by the horns and making things happen.

Hard Knock Life … Growing up, I wasn’t in the best situation. I didn’t grow up in the most positive areas. I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon. I had a lot of people that didn’t believe in what I wanted to do. I had to speak things into existence until it started to happen. I’m all about positivity.

The Human Sponge … Artists I like are Michael Jackson, James Brown, Usher, Stevie Wonder, Miguel, Trey Songz and Chris Brown. I try to be a sponge and soak up everything.

Chris, Miguel & Trey … Trey Songz is a lot more personable to me. He knows how to connect with his fans without doing a crazy production. He doesn't have to do crazy dance moves to get people into his music. He knows how to connect with his fans. Miguel’s music speaks for the people. He has great songs. He has been able to touch a lot of people with his lyrics. Chris is super talented and is a beast on the stage.

Pick & Choice … I never had a problem getting girls prior to me signing a record deal. I was good before this, but now I can’t be into the randomness. I have more to worry about. I got to pick my women carefully.

Kim Kardashian … I don’t think I could handle watching my girl on a porn film.

Wonder Years … I think if I could fast forward anytime in my life, it would be my younger days. I was a little chubby then. I used to get picked on but then I started to get taller and thinner. I would fast forward to getting my record deal. I wouldn’t mind going back to when I was in little league. I didn’t have much to worry about then.

Maybe Some Cougar Action … My woman has to know how to cook. I am not picky with looks. She has to be cool and be a fun person. It don’t matter how old she is. I’ve seen some bad 50 year old women. I wouldn’t mind doing that.

In rotation … Right now, I got the new Justin Timberlake album in rotation. Brandy’s album is dope. I also like Kendrick Lamar and Miguel’s albums right now.

Without The Music … I might be a little homeless. No, probably at my moms crib… eating up all the food.

Recording Artists Life … Some of it feels great. It’s a great feeling to actually be here and having people request me. It feels good to be in a spot and have people screaming for me. Before, I was able to go anywhere and not be noticed … now it’s different. I’m excited and it’s still a surreal experience. The only thing is I don’t like waking up early in the morning. But who does?

Next Episode … For the future, I am looking to put out a new single, more visuals and do more performances. I want to go to more award shows and be in some movies in the future.

Hoop Dreams vs Music Life … Music was something I had a passion for but I didn’t want to do it as a profession. It wasn’t something I thought I could have a career with. I thought I was going to the league playing ball.

Everybody got their hoods … I wasn’t rich and I was living with my mom in a single room apartment. A lot of people think R&B singers are soft and wear shiny jackets. That’s not the case with me.

I’m real … I feel like I am not a microwave artist that people just put together. They didn’t give me tattoos and dress up. I’m a real cat that sings and dances.

Home Sweet Home … They fool with me in Ft. Lauderdale … where I am from. I’m sure I have some haters but for the most part they are proud of me back at home.

Dance – Macarena
Gangster rap song – Today Was a Good Day
Music R&B Group – Jodeci
Best Basketball Player – Lebron
Favorite Restaurant – Fresh to Order (good food burgers fish )
Old Crush – Beyonce (admiration) I like her work ethic.

“Stay focused … stay at it.”