Lady Gaga Sidelined, ‘Crushed’ Over Delayed Album and Projects

Lady Gaga is doing well and recuperating after undergoing surgery on her hip, but she will be sidelined until doctors give her approval to perform again. According to a new report in Life & Style, sources close to Gaga say she is "crushed" over the situation, not being able to perform or release efforts, like her album "ART POP."

"She has a bunch of projects she wants to roll on, but she needs clearance from her doctors. It’s really frustrating her," the source shared with Life & Style.

As widely reported, Lady Gaga was forced to cancel a number of "Born This Way Ball" tour dates.

With an expected return in September, Gaga has been filling her days by penning new songs.It's unclear what all Lady Gaga has had to delay, but let's just pray that she comes out on top, better than ever later this year.