Florida Politicians Continue To Slam Beyonce: Cuba Trip ‘Shameful’

Beyonce and Jay-Z just can't catch a break. Another Florida politician is upset about their visit to Cuba, despite it being licensed as a cultural exchange.

Calling their visit "shameful," Florida representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen says the couple's flaunting of the vacation (via pictures, shared on social media) is insensitive.

"I'm calling them out. I'm saying that there are many places that are pleasant, that you don't feel like you're being a pawn in the game of this communist tyranny. How nice would it have been if they had said something about freedom and human rights? I'm not saying that they should be politicians, but be sensitive to the cruelty of this regime, what they've done to the people of Cuba," Ros-Lehtinen told CNN. "It's just a shame to make it look like an exotic vacation, shameful."

Nonetheless, Beyonce is not the first celebrity to visit Cuba. The Pretenders' lead singer, Chrissie Hynde, spoke with CNN about her visit there a couple years ago. President Obama traveled to Cuba two years ago.