Ciara Talks Rihanna: ‘I’ve Never Had An Issue With Her’

Ciara says she doesn't know what issue Rihanna has with her and doesn't really have time to figure it out.

Appearing on the Q-Deezy show recently, Ciara opened up about not only her relationship with Future, but the quasi-beef she has going on with Rihanna (sans.. "Good luck booking that stage you speak of").

"There is no relationship… Hey man if something is supposed to happen, it'll happen. Even when it pertains to her I've never had an issue with her so I don't know what it is. I can't figure it out and I guess I don't care to figure it out. But I've always came from a place of love and support for her ever since we hung out a little bit or whatever it is," Ciara shared. "She's on whatever she's on and it is what it is."