Ne-Yo Slams Lip Syncing Artists, Rihanna: ‘Your Job Is To Learn How To Entertain’?

Are Ne-Yo and Rihanna no longer friends or friendly? When asked about lip-syncing recently, Ne-Yo went on somewhat of a rant discussing people that really can't sing and use all types of props and things to try and cover that up.

"As an artist, you need to learn to sing or dance, or sing and dance at the same time. That's your job. You can't be a mechanic, but let somebody else fix the car. Why would they bring it to you? They'd just take it to the guy who's fixing it. The same thing is true about being an artist. If I want to hear what you sound like on the CD, I'll just listen to the CD," Ne-Yo shared with The Daily Telegraph earlier this week.

Adding to that statement, the "Closer" and "So Sick" singer/songwriter said he definitely has issues with folks that just can't sing period.

"If you don't sing so well, or dance so well, and you need a bunch of pyro, smoke and mirrors to cover up that fact, I have an issue, because I'll feel like I haven't got my money's worth," he said.

Thoughts? Do you agree with Ne-Yo and was he talking about Rihanna or even Beyonce?