Was Beyonce The Reason Kylie Minogue Signed a Management Deal With Roc Nation?

Australian singer Kylie Minogue is a household name across the globe except for in the U.S., but that may be about to change because Minogue is now signed to RocNation, and it may be thanks to Beyonce.

As 44-year-old Minogue recently announced a switch to acting after 25 years in music, it is rumored that Beyonce saw the opportunity, and pitched the idea to husband and RocNation CEO Jay-Z.

According to a source, Bey is mentoring the Aussie star. “She quickly convinced Jay-Z to get a contract drafted up and made sure the lawyers sealed the deal before anybody else had a chance,” the source said, describing the venture as a “pet project.” “With the Roc Nation team involved, it could be epic,” says the source.