Tyler Perry’s ‘Temptation,’ Featuring Brandy, Opens Strong At Box Office

"Temptation," the anticipated big screen drama, featuring Brandy Norwood, Kim Kardashian and more, opened strong at the weekend box office.

Raking in $22.3 million, "Temptation" debuted at no.3, just behind G.I. Joe: Retaliation and the animated feature The Croods.

The movie was actually shot over a year ago, with Norwood acting as an embattled character named Melinda.

"Melinda, she is running from an insane past. She has been hurt. She's just trying to find her way. She's messed up from relationships… she has a very, very dark secret that she doesn't want to tell anybody," Brandy shared just prior to the opening of the film Friday.

Happy with the success of his latest feature, Tyler Perry sent a message to fans Sunday, thanking them for not only going to see "Temptation," but sharing their personal stories afterward.

"After 14 movies you are still coming, and many more people have joined in to support what I do. I say this often but you need to know it's true, I never assume that you are going to show up, but thank you for doing so. Because you went to the movies to see this film all of my employees are very happy at Tyler Perry Studios lol. Just know I'm grateful," said Perry.

"Temptation" is now open in theaters…