David Otunga Opens Up, Talks Living In Shadow of Jennifer Hudson?

It's no secret. Jennifer Hudson is an award-winnng superstar. She's an actress, a recording artist and even a heck of a face for Weight Watchers (sings "And I'm Feeling Good"), but what about the man in her life? How does he feel about her success and sort of living in the shadow?

Opening up, David Otunga admits that he had to fight to stand alone, even as a wrestler working with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

"It's one of those things they kept bringing up no matter how many times I said, 'Please don't mention (Hudson). They kept doing it and it irritated me to the point that I changed my character. That's why I started a new character with a bow tie and coffee mug," Otunga shared with the Chicago Tribune this week.

According to David Otunga, the WWE's creative team really hoped that he would use the star power of his fiance, playing it up with nickname "The A-List" and that just didn't fly. He wanted to and still wants to stand on his own.

"I want to stand alone. I'm pretty successful in my own right. (Jennifer Hudson) still comes up, but what can I do?" he said looking at his work with the WWE and recent movie role in "The Call," which debuted strong at the box office over the weekend.

Still Otunga loves Jennifer and the family they have, including their son David Otunga Jr.

"We wanted our son to have a yard where he could run around and play. Honestly, I love having that space. And wrestling is so hectic and we're always in big cities (so) it's nice to be able to go to the suburbs and tuck away at home," he said of the family's recent move to a suburb of Chicago.

In related news, Jennifer Hudson has been cast to appear in a new Lifetime feature film.

"The Call" is in theaters now.