Bruno Mars Covers GQ Magazine, Talks Music and Style

Bruno Mars unravels his swagger on the cover of GQ Magazine's April 2013 Special Issue, the Style Bible edition. In the interview, he shares moments in his early career, like impersonating Elvis Presley, and he also discussed his single "Locked Out Of Heaven," and rocking a tuxedo jacket. Check out some snippets of his sit down below:

On his hit Locked Out Of Heaven… "It feels good to sing about. It feels…sexy. It puts you in a sexy frame of mind. It feels good to pro-ject. Sex is a great party starter…The verses to me are what really makes that song: Swimming in your water is something spiritual."

On a great song… "Shit. For me? Hypnotize me in the very first three seconds, wake my ear plate up, give me something that I haven’t felt before…and then punch me in the f*cking face."

On impersonating Elvis with his father at age 4… "I don’t remember much. I probably couldn’t even speak that much. But I was f–king great at it. …It was like turning into Batman. I’d go to school and kids are calling me Peter and we’re playing baseball and kickball and shit, and then—‘All right, guys, I’ve got to go!’—you put on a sequined jumpsuit, and all of a sudden you’re Bruno, the world’s youngest Elvis impersonator!"

The issue hits newsstands on March 26. Check out the full interview here.

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