Beyonce Ensures Daughter Blue Ivy Will Travel in Luxury With Mobile Nursery

To make sure her toddler daughter won’t feel out of place while traveling the world, Beyonce has taken the proper precautions to make Blue feel right at home: a mobile nursery.

Reports are saying that Beyonce and husband Jay-Z have designed a portable room for blue that is a replica of her furniture and toys at home, so the 14-month-old can feel right at home (literally) while her mom travels on the Mrs. Carter Show world tour that begins next month.

A source who told the The Sun, ''They've got toys, a cot, a table and rugs just like the ones she has at home.''

Earlier this year, at the tender age of one, it was reported that Blue also had her own $1 million a year nursery at the Barclay’s Center rented out by her father mogul Shawn Carter where she can have someplace to play while her parents perform at the stadium or are there to watch a game. The space is a luxury basement, mostly used for adult shindigs complete with glass decor, a champagne bar, and TV screen. "Jay lets friends use his digs when he's not there,'' the source says.

Oh, to be daddy’s little girl!