Rihanna Fails To Sell Magazines, Including Vogue?

Rihanna may be beautiful to look at on the cover of publications, but she is apparently no longer a good pick because her covers, particularly of Vogue, fail to move.

According to Fashionista, Rihanna's much-talked-about November cover of Vogue tanked, selling 32 percent below the six month average (227k). In fact, a cover featuring Adele sold nearly double Rihanna's cover, moving over 410k copies.

"Mag editors took a gamble on Rihanna and (Taylor) Swift this year–and lost big time. Both age and ubiquity seem to be a deterring factor here–something that editors as well as starlets would be wise to keep in mind," reports Fashionista.

While Rihanna might not be a good pick for magazine editors, who hope to lure people to newsstands with attractive and interesting faces, Lady Gaga is apparently the best pick at this point.

Lady Gaga sold the most issues (602,000 copies) for Vogue, and she has reportedly been "newsstand gold" for the past two years.