Rapper 40 Glocc Suing The Game for $4.5 Million for 2012 Assault (Video)

It’s not very wise to film and post your crimes on Youtube if you don’t want evidence in a court of law. But The Game did just that. Now he's caught himself up in a lawsuit with rapper 40 Glocc after he filmed a street fight between him and 40 last year and posted it on Youtube. All sorts of evidence is available for the world to act as jury, and 40 is trying to retaliate where it hurts…in the pockets.

According to TMZ, Glocc is suing The Game for 4.5 million after a dispute outside a Hollywood Hills mansion back in July 2012, and the Game’s iPhone footage made it to the net. In the lawsuit, Glocc breaks down the damage like this:

— $500,000 in pain and suffering

— $500,000 in emotional distress

— $750,000 in lost earnings

— $2 million for punitive damages

— $25,000 in medical expenses

— Other

Here’s the footage. Think 40 Glocc has a case?