Chris Brown Snaps Over Parking Charge, Fans Upset About Weed Smoking

Chris Brown is not having a good week. Not only was he caught on video yelling at a valet attendant over a measly ten dollars, the "Don't Judge Me" singer has also angered concert fans…

Getting to his situation over valet parking first, Chris was attending a charity event at the Pinz Bowling Alley in Studio City, CA last night (Wednesday, March 6). When he went to leave, the valet told him that he would have to pay a $10 service charge.

Not taking that well, Chris Brown and his entourage surrounded the valet and according to TMZ, Chris yelled "F**k ten dollars!!!"

"Sources at the scene tell us Brown was angry because he was only at the event for 30 minutes and felt like he was getting ripped off by the valet," reports TMZ.

Even though someone in his camp offered to pay the fee, Chris Brown was still angry and threatened to "turn this whole thing on out."

Watch it all play out below:

In related news, some fans of Chris Brown are very upset about him smoking marijuana during concerts, including one in Ghana.

After failing to arrive on time for a show that he was reportedly paid $1 million to perform at recently, Chris Brown walked on stage with a bag full of weed, rolled a blunt and slammed anyone that didn't like what he was doing.

"He decided to take the piss again by promoting the use of marijuana when he knows or ought to know this is an illegal substance in many countries including Ghana," reports Ghana Celebrities.

According to the site, what Chris Brown did was offensive and should have landed him in jail.

"While performing one of his songs, he happily asked if there were weed smokers in Ghana and proceeded to say “if anybody’s tripping on you smoking weed, f**k them”. He pulled out a rolled ‘joint’ and smoked it live on stage… No Ghanaian entertainer dare do this openly in Ghana and go free. The police would have been on him or the crowd would consider it extensively offensive. However, Chris Brown came, did it and flew away," reports GC.

Even though smoking weed on stage might have been offensive, Chris Brown walked away with his alleged $1 million payday and solid concert reviews.

"The concert was great but the piss take by Chris Brown leading and during the concert was absurd! Surely, no one pays another $1 million to be disrespected," reports GC.

Would you be offended if Chris Brown rolled a blunt and basically promoted drug use (whether or not it is for medicinal purposes) on stage?