Adam Levine Talks Selling Out With Reality TV, Usher and ‘The Voice’

Are recording artists selling out by going on talent shows such as "The Voice" or "American Idol" instead of working hard on their albums? Answering that question, "The Voice" judge and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine says it's much more acceptable now for talented recording stars to do these types of shows and deals… and for that, he's grateful.

"I think that there was this generation before us that was so hellbent on not selling out that it went too far, and I feel like maybe it's history correcting itself because it's more acceptable now to do a lot of the things that musicians would have been terrified to do 10 years ago," Levine shared in a recent interview.

Looking forward, Adam Levine is grateful that being successful, even by having a clothing line in Kmart and a fragrance at Macy's (like he does now), is accepted.

"I was never that guy that thought it was uncool for a band to be successful. I always thought, 'Wow, wouldn't it be amazing to be able to pay your bills and also be a musician?' It's just nice that being motivated to be successful is not a crime anymore," Levine told THR.

In related news, Adam is looking forward to the next season of "The Voice," which kicks off later this month. Looking at the new panel, which includes R&B singer and Grammy winner Usher, he says the talent competition has done wonders for his career…

"No one knew what I was really like or whether I had anything to say. … I think that the occasional soccer mom probably thought I was a slut. The show put me in an interesting light to be cross-examined and analyzed by the world at large, and I think that I succeeded in making them like me," says Adam Levine.

Even with that said, will Adam Levine leave the show like Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green? According to his manager, they'll have to drag him off set first.

"They're going to have to physically remove Adam from the building," says his manager. "He loves doing the show, and it's been great for his career. We'll be there as long as NBC wants us."

Taking Adam Levine's success in to account, could Usher's career and overall image get a little boost thanks to "The Voice"?

"The Voice" returns later this month on NBC.