CharlieRED Are Changing The Game & Rocking Out At Marsha Ambrosius Show @ SOBs Tonight

CharlieRed, made up of Rocki Evans (vocals) and Cobaine Ivory (production) , have waged war on the boundaries and limitations of contemporary music. They are trendsetters and people need to pay attention to their movement. Are they R&B, Rock, Grunge, Reggae or Soul? I couldn’t tell by watching them tear down the Tammany Hall stage but who cares. Their music is just good hearty music… they’re that rhythmic gumbo that keeps you full and keeps you feeling just right. They are the kind of music that sticks to the ribs and gets you through the day. Their music yet new and fresh is innovative, mature and daring.

“Being on stage really hits me when I get off stage. It feels great! I have gotten to a place where I really appreciate what I have. At this point I just let God do what he does,” says Rocki Evans.

Tonight they (CharlieRED) will hit the stage at SOB's and open up for Marsha Ambrosius. It will be a great night for music lovers who will be there for an exciting packed show. Marsha Ambrosius will be amazing but get there early and check out how CharlieRED kills it.

CharlieRED – Kansas

CharlieRED – Radiant Child