Yellokake – The Batter

“They were starving for good music, let them eat KAKE,” says the slogan of vocalist Jasmine “Yellokake” Hamilton-Wray, one-seventh of the Detroit-based squad the Blat! Pack. The vocalist serves up dessert with this sampler called The Batter, a precursor to where she wants to travel musically. Well-studied in classical jazz at Michigan State University, Yellokake’s sound is also an influx of pop, R&B and hip-hop.

Co-written by India Owens, The Batter runs only three-tracks deep and ten minutes long, but this dessert sampler is filled with personality. The first track “Still” bounces along while Kake boasts to an ex’s new girl that “he’s still in love with me.” “Fadeaway Radiate,” is a stripped-down jazz performance of realizing dreams, while “Wityobitchass” keeps the classical jazz flow, AND keeps it real, using contemporary language and themes. “N*ggas, don’t you love them b*tch a** n*ggas?” she sings with a jazzy, chill flare.

Yellokake is bakin’, so here’s the bowl for you to lick The Batter.