Baby Blue Ivy’s Face Finally Revealed!

A day before the premiere of Beyonce’s highly anticipated HBO documentary “Life is But A Dream,” a snap surfaces of baby Blue, and instead of the back of her head, we get to see her whole face! And we must say, she’s adorable! She’s the perfect blend of both Jay-Z and Bey.

This photo and the documentary from the superstar first-time mother is significant because Beyonce is known for keeping her personal life private (rightfully and respectfully so). She’ll share details about how her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, and the journey of Beys’s pregnancy of bringing Blue into the world, the surrogate rumors, etc.

“Life is But a Dream” airs on the small screen tonight (Feb.16) at 9pm on HBO, right after she’ll appear on Oprah’s Next Chapter at 8pm on the OWN Network.

Now, everyone all together….. "Aaaaww!"