Tameka Raymond’s Attorney Talks Judge Bias: ‘This Is Against The Law’

Tameka Raymond's attorney, Lisa West, continues to not only fight for her, but for several clients that say Judge Lane, the judge that presided over a custody case with Usher, doesn't belong in a courtroom.

In the second part of an investigative report conducted by CBS Atlanta this week, two more women spoke out about Judge Lane allegedly ruling in favor of their husbands, who were represented by attorney John Mayoue (Usher's attorney). As previously reported, Judge Lane received a donation from Mayoue's firm during her 2008 election campaign. His firm also hosted an election campaign fundraiser for Lane. She is accused of having a bias, ruling in favor of Mayoue's clients.

"Children are affected by the decisions [Lane] makes. And if she's going to make decisions based on relationships, financials, based on campaigns, then she doesn't belong there," Gracie Ortiz Terrett told CBS Atlanta.

As previously reported, Lane recused herself from the custody case involving Usher, which Tameka Raymond is appealing. She has also recused herself from ten cases involving Attorney West.

"What has happened and what is happening has so clearly been going on for such a long time that why has it taken this long for someone to step up and say this isn't right. This is against the law," says West.

(See full report at CBS Atlanta).