Marques Houston Seeks Permanent Restraining Order Against Raz B?

Attorneys for R&B singer and actor Marques Houston are expected to be in court today, asking a judge to make a restraining order against Raz B (B2K) more permanent.

As widely reported earlier this year, Houston filed a request and won a restraining order against the "Bump, Bump, Bump" singer, who he accused of making threats and "causing emotional distress."

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Marques Houston alleges that Raz B has not only threatened to harm him, but threatened to kill himself.

As widely reported, Raz B accused Marques Houston of molesting him when he was a child, which Houston denies.

Raz B also made several videos that were uploaded to a popular website, detailing what his thoughts were about Houston, B2K and what he says happened behind the scenes.

A hearing is scheduled to take place today, Monday, Feb. 11.