Frank Ocean Forgives, Won’t Press Charges Against Chris Brown

The Frank Ocean/Chris Brown brawl that went down a week ago allegedly over a parking space at a Hollywood recording studio was poised to be latest and hottest music industry beef. Ocean originally wanted to press charges against Brown, but he’s had a change or heart, leaning towards a more peaceful resolution.

Yesterday (Feb 2), Ocean posted a note on Tumblr, showing maturity and growth as a man:

"as a child i thought if someone jumped me it would result in me murdering or mutilating a man. but as a man i am not a killer. i’m an artist and a modern person. i’ll choose sanity. no criminal charges. no civil lawsuit. forgiveness, albeit difficult, is wisdom. peace, albeit trite, is what i want in my short life. peace."

The two artists will be at the Grammy’s on Feb. 10. Good to know if their paths cross again, nothing should pop off!