Promotional Photo for Upcoming Beyonce Tour Leaked?

Live Nation may have let the cat out of the bag in regards to a tour from Beyonce this year by what looks to be a promo concert tour photo.

After her press conference snippet about having an announcement to come out after her Super Bowl performance taking place tomorrow, speculation flew about whether or not the news would be regardingt a tour which would happen sometime after a new album this year. Judging from the photo, that surely looks to be the case!

Playing on her fan moniker “Queen B,” the photo shows Beyonce in royal, Victorian-style garb, complete with a scepter and crown. The words “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” are present, a direct affiliation with her married name (husband Jay’s government being Sean Carter).

Not to jump to conclusions, but looks like this photo foreshadows all roads leading to a future world conquest by “Queen” B!