Cissy Houston Slams Bobby Brown In Memoir, Opens Up With ‘Oprah’

Cissy Houston will soon release a memoir titled "Remembering Whitney." Inside the spirited book, the mother of the late Whitney Houston and matriarch of the Houston family is more candid than she has ever been before.

Since losing her daughter last year, Houston admits to questioning herself and wonders if there was anything that she could have done to save her daughter.

"Was I a good mother?" she asks at one point in an excerpt. "I still wonder if I could have saved her somehow. But there's no book written on how to be a parent. You do the best you can."

In another excerpt from the book, she takes on Bobby Brown and Whitney's alleged partying.

"I had no idea about Nippy's "partying". And the truth is, back then I didn't really want to know about it," Houston said before slamming Bobby Brown. "He didn't help her, that's for damn sure."

Nonetheless, Cissy Houston recognizes the gift her daughter had, one that reached millions.

"Since my daughter died, I've struggled with so many things,' she continues. I'm still so angry – at Nippy, at the world, at myself. Should I have done things differently? She was a person whose life and voice touched millions of people. I'm as proud as any mother could be about her daughter, but I would trade every last bit of it to have my baby back."

In related news, Cissy Houston will join Oprah Winfrey for a special airing of "Oprah's Next Chapter" next week.

In a teaser clip (below), she is joined by Michael Houston, Whitney's brother.

"Oprah's Next Chapter," featuring Cissy Houston, airs Monday, Jan. 28 at 10 pm on OWN.