T-Boz Teaches Us How To “Creep”

The 22nd of loneliness and T-Boz has been through so many things. She has a new show, “Totally T-Boz,” which premiered New Year’s Day showing how the TLC member is thriving after battling a brain tumor for three years and dealing with sickle cell anemia. You, however, aren’t doing as well as she is.

You’ve been waiting around for your man or your woman to pay attention to you. You know they’re cheating and you decided you’re going to get a little sidepiece of your own, you just don’t know the right way to go about it.

T-Boz tells us, "I’m not a cheater, but the song [Creep] was about me – It’s the truth. I didn’t think it was creeping because I told my ex-boyfriend… ‘like this guy couldn’t be in no position if you was at where you was supposed to be at.’"

TLC's "Creep" actually acts a good point of reference.

Step 1: Keep it On the Down Low. Since nobody is supposed to know. One might think that this goes without saying, but some people get a little too proud about what they think they’re pulling off secretly and start blabbing away to anyone who will listen. If you’re not careful it could get back around to the exact person you were trying to keep it from.

Step 2: Remain Calm. “If he (she) knows the things you did, [they] couldn’t handle it” and also some people truly do believe that ignorance is bliss. Just because they may have notions that you’re cheating doesn’t mean they want those notions confirmed.

Step 3: Stay Loyal. we know “though [you] might mess around” it’s only “cause you need some affection." Getting your creep on and actually falling for somebody else are two completely different games. Be sure not to blur the lines.

Do you have any creeping advise (BTW Even things done in the dark comes to the light. lol)?


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