Keyshia Cole Blasts Sister Neffe and Her Book on Twitter

If we didn’t learn anything else from watching Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is on BET a few years ago, we learned that Keyshia’s family is a handful. From her once strained relationship with her mother Frankie to her sister Neffe, seems like all Keesh wanted everyone was just for everyone to get along. And it seemed that overall, the relationship with her family members was mending and they were starting anew. But now it seems Keyshia and Neffe are on the outs.

Neffe recently published a book titled The Price I Paid in November in which she speaks on her and Keyshia’s broken relationship, to which Keyshia didn’t approve. She vented on Twitter by saying:

“How many of y’all have leaches in your own family? I need to know I’m not alone! B-tch talk about me in ya book and wearing the shoes I gave u on the cover? F-cking Bogus! If it wasn’t for my name, people making money off that alone. They would have the courage to say they just don’t like me. I see I gotta take it back to the days when I used to slap a b-tch tho!”

Yipes! But Neffe responded by saying:

“I am very great full to have wore a pair of shoes for my book cover that was given to me what a blessing:) God is so amazing. I am also grateful for my supporters and fans family and peers who have bought my book and made sure I know about it. Be blessed and be sure to love someone besides u# because it counts! The Price I Paid? Please remember to remain humble and true to who u r never let the devil win because he’s working hard in these last days. Stay prayed up.”

Well, Neffe handled that well. Hopefully Keshia and her sister can mend their relationship!